​#define & PrimePortal FAQ

Where is the hosting of #define and PrimePortal?

#define and PrimePortal are hosted in the CGI global hosting center in Bromölla. The hosting center provides:

  • Technical Operation 7/24/365 different nodes in the cluster are geographically separated. This enables continious service in case one hosting center should go offline.
  • Service Desk available 7/24/365. By e-mail: servicedesk@cgi.com By phone: +46-456 450 61
  • Internet supplier redundancy. We are not dependent on one single Internet supplier.

How do I log in to PrimePortal?

CGI users

Login with the groupinfra credentials. Its important to use "groupinfra\" in front of username.

External users (users without an @cgi.com email)

The username will start with: acc\username

How to change password in PrimePortal?

External users (users without @cgi.com)

What's the backup strategy like?

All servers have full file system backups, including both data storage and operating system files. Files are kept for 30 days.

Database backups

#define use Log shipping to safely transport database transaction log files to a separate file storage where they are processed into an exact copy of the original database. This means #define can do full secure backups of the database without having to freeze or shutdown. The file system where log files are shipped and processed is also part of the file system backup covered by the Backup On Demand service.

Incremental backup schedule

Incremental backups are taken every day when a full system backup is not taken. The incremental backups run at the same time of day as the full system backups mentioned in the table above.

How do I change password in #define?

External users (users without @cgi.com)

  • In your project choose the tab "Settings" then the dropdown "My Prefrences" and under that "Change Password".

How do I add users in #define?

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click Members.
  • Scroll to Project Members or Project Mangers.
  • In the "Select user:" drop-down choose Manual Entry.
  • Type the full username (e.g. for CGI staff groupinfra\username) for external users (acc\username).
  • Click Add.

Note that the email address of the user is not fetched until they first log in, so until then, they will not receive any notifications

How do I use TortoiseSVN?

You will find the URL you need to use when checking out files from #define 4 under File Archive - Subversion URL.

When you login to TortoiseSVN you need to provide groupinfra\ or acc\ infront of the username depending on if you are a CGI member or external user.