​What is #define?


#define is CGI’s production system for Application Management and Development, offered in the context of software as a service. It is a project management tool and workspace, including features such as a version controlled file archive and fully customisable issue tracking system. Forming an essential part of the connect toolset, #define is used by hundreds of projects across the globe to support some of CGIs most important deliveries. It encourages collaboration, establishes traceability and develops greater levels of productivity.


Why should I use #define?

#define brings efficiency, structure and control to your IT-organisation. It addresses the complex challenges of IT-deliveries from the small distributed development project to global outsourcing of Lifecycle Application Management.


#define has been developed to address the increasing need for quality and efficiency as well as enable re-use in our deliveries. This has been achieved by embracing the work practices and methodologies for distributed development successfully used for many years within the worldwide Open Source community.


#define offers a rage of alternative methods to access information. This includes a user-friendly web interface, compatibility with Outlook, built in RSS feed and integration with development environments such as Eclipse.


#define offers a workspace for all project related artifacts, optimized for software development and ease of use for developers.


#define can be combined with Continuous Integration and automation tools such as Jenkins, Hudson, CruiseControl and all others which support Subversion version control.


#define is a proven tool already used by hundreds of CGI projects across the globe. Join the thousands of other #define users and improve the quality of your delivery.




Note: Statistics represent the relative percentage of #define use across the globe, based on the HTTPS requests for #define4 content between 1st January and 19th November 2017. Sweden has the highest percentage of total requests with 29.48%, Finland 14.69%, Ireland 13.15%, UK 12.22%, Netherlands 9.8%.​