Client in the driver seat

It’s not always easy to keep all the stakeholders, clients and partners informed and updated around what’s going on in an outsourcing commitment.

To provide a more efficient means of communication, CGI offers PrimePortal, a powerful tool that gives clients a window into all the different service areas. PrimePortal offers a “Single-Point-of-Information” service where it becomes easy for your clients to obtain information and reports relating to project progress. The client will be able to manage the outsourcing commitment from the driver seat.

To demonstrate the advantages of PrimePortal one client said that they “couldn’t imagine what we would be doing without it” and that PrimePortal was a “tremendous success”.

Works like a hub

​In any outsourcing commitment there are a lot of information producers and consumers. Without a central repository the clients risk loss of information and control.

PrimePortal is the central hub for the client, with all information stored and accessible from one place, available when the client needs it.

PrimePortal could be compared to a toolbox with a set of customizable and role-based components. The client decides what type of information should be available for different users. For example, only the controller can access the economic reports. The portal can also be accessible to different types of partners, clients or CGI employees.

Basic functionality provided in PrimePortal

Function Short Description
Client specified interface Role based client branded multilingual interface.
Order and manage change requests, projects and consultants Order and manage change requests, consultants and other resources in a dynamic request engine which is possible to configure both with regards to process as well as layout.
Order dashboard Graphical overview of orders in a comprehensive order dashboard.
Incident management Follow-up and reporting of incidents to Service Desk.
Incident dashboard Graphical overview of ongoing incidents in an comprehensive incident dashboard (Single-sign-on integration to CustomerFirst).
Document archive A shared document service where the IT-delivery organization and the clients collaborate.
Reporting services  Access to relevant reporting (SLA, economy, incident etc).
News and information services Access to news and information from the underlying processes.
KPI Graphical status overview of the applications/systems or projects included in the delivery.
HR service In outsourcing contracts PrimePortal can act as the HR service for new employees joining CGI.
Single-point-of-service It is also possible to use PrimePortal as a single-point-of-service portal in order to gather all services related to the delivery in one place. Today there are single-sign-on integrations to incident management, asset management and authorisation management systems. An example of a current integration is the integration towards the incident dashboard in Customer First. An example of a future integration is the integration to the web interface of Remedy.
Other functions Contacts, FAQ, Wiki, Discussion forums and Survey functionality are examples of other components also available in the portal.
Security PrimePortal offers both basic and strong authentication (using soft or hard certificates).
Fully managed Delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service). Application maintenance for PrimePortal as well as server, network and backup management are fully managed by CGI.
Infrastructure PrimePortal is securely hosted on a redundant HA (High Availability) server cluster. The different nodes in the cluster are placed in geographically separated locations thus providing capabilities of a stretched cluster.​​​